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Combex is a pioneer in the development of secure distributed computing systems. Combex's personnel represent the vast majority of the expertise in the use of the E secure distributed computing platform that is the result of over $11M of R&D effort expended over a six year period.

Combex is currently using E to develop a prototype capability-secure desktop under a research grant from DARPA. The E secure desktop is invulnerable to conventional viruses and Trojan horses and provides a level of security that surpasses what is possible on the Windows and Unix desktops. A production quality version of the prototype would be a critical, high-value asset to organizations responsible for meeting uncompromising security requirements, such as the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense, and defense contractors working for these agencies.

It is well known that the weak security provided by current popular desktops makes the Internet a dangerous place. Even a novice programmer writing a small amount of code can produce immediate, global consequences. We have seen the Internet's vulnerability to harmless but annoying pranks; It is just as vulnerable to a malicious, destructive attack.

While Combex recognizes the importance of protection from attack, we have never considered this level of security to be an end in itself. Instead, we consider the E secure desktop to demonstrate a critical component of the foundation upon which the next generation of software applications will be built.

We envision a computational world characterized by pervasive cooperation and sharing of information. Software, representing new patterns of cooperation, will support the creation of novel contracts such as non-repudiable electronic transactions and computer-enforced smart contracts, while the ubiquity of the Internet will enable cooperation at a distance.

This vision will not be realized as long as cooperation and openness increase exposure to risk. The E secure desktop demonstrates our commitment to eliminating the risks of cooperation in an environment of limited trust.

The company's objective is simple: Leverage the company's unique knowledge and experience to become the world's leading supplier of tools and applications for the next generation of computing -- secure distributed patterns of cooperation without vulnerability.

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