Management Team

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Chairman of the Board: Henry Boreen

MSEE , 1958 Drexel University. Asst. Professor, Drexel University 1958;

Vice President Engineering, Vector Mfg. Co., Inc. 1958-64; Founder/Chairman., CEO Solid State Sci., Inc.,

1964-86; Chairman US-Tech, Inc 1987-;Chairman.,CEO AM Comm.,1990-1998;

Chairman. Integrated Circuits System Inc.1993-99.

Co-author : Aerospace Telemetry, 1961.

Recipient Centennial Medal Drexel University 1991


Chief Operating Officer: Marc Stiegler

Mr. Stiegler brings a diverse background in software company management to Combex. He has been a Fortune 500 executive: as VP of Engineering for Autodesk, he drove the successful effort to make AutoCAD the first professional CAD product for the Microsoft Windows platform. He has also been a successful individual entrepreneur: as founder of SkyHunter Partners, where he developed the decision-support tool DecideRight, which (after being published by Avantos Performance Systems) became a Byte Magazine Best of Comdex Finalist in 1996, and defeated the entire Microsoft product line to win the Software Publisher Association award for Best New Business Software in 1997. Prior to those efforts, he directed development of command and control systems for the Army, Air Force, and Marines, where he pioneered for the military the kind of rapid-development-deployment techniques that have so radically transformed the Internet sector of the economy; during that time he also periodically worked with the NSA.

Immediately prior to helping found Combex, Mr. Stiegler was the lead developer of an enterprise-wide intranet application for a Fortune 500 company with extreme security requirements. In this capacity, he witnessed first-hand the woeful quality of the current tools for building such systems in the absence of the E platform (though his project did succeed, and is deployed and used worldwide). Lessons learned from this experience caused the company to choose E technology for another major intranet application with extreme security requirements that was started during deployment of Mr. Stiegler’s system.


Chief Technology Officer: Mark S. Miller

Mr. Miller is the co-inventor of the agoric paradigm of market-based distributed secure computation. A co-founder of the Vulcan project at Xerox PARC, he is a pioneering designer of secure distributed programming languages including Vulcan for Xerox PARC, Trusty Scheme for Autodesk, Joule for Agorics, Tclio for Sun Labs, and E for Electric Communities,, and Combex. At Autodesk, he was the chief architect of a pioneering hypertext system that anticipated many of the Web’s virtues. He is a co-founder of Agorics, a successful startup company established to capitalize on the agoric computing vision. He is a co-director of the Agorics Project at George Mason University, researching market-based computing ideas. At Electric Communities (now he was the lead security architect and the lead architect of the E platform. He formed to utilize the open-source process to advance both the recognition and the technology of the E platform. Mr. Miller is an inventor on 7 patents in the areas of cryptographic protocols, automated combination-auctions, and distributed secure object systems. He has 2 more patents pending.