Value Proposition

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The Combex Value Proposition

Transitioning desktops in organizations with significant security requirements to E and CapDesk brings the following benefits:

  • Invulnerability to traditional over-the-wire cyberattack with viruses and trojans

  • Lower cost development of secure intranet systems

  • Increased reliability both on the desktop and on the intranet

  • Higher productivity of users currently trapped in security regimes in which flexibility has been discarded and complexity has been introduced in the name of enhanced security.

  • Flexible yet secure, easy-to-maintain-centrally, browser-based applications that deliver on the promise originally made by Java's applet security in 1996 but never delivered.

  • High-quality security, designed to cope with the complex interparty security requirements of cross-organization relationships

  • Maintainable security that allows cost-effective security auditing

  • Lower cost of system maintenance, as requirements placed on the firewalls become simpler.

Capability security improves reliability in general as well as robustness in the face of malicious attack. The reason is simply that, in the absence of POLA architectures, applications can clobber one another. An all too classic example of this is a true story that happened to one of the Combex founders: When installing Microsoft Visual J++ on his Windows system, the installation process stomped the PGP plugin for his Outlook Express email system. Presumably this happened because the installer overwrote some small but critical setting in the Windows Registry, which is globally available and globally editable. In a capability secure desktop, there is no such globally editable registry. Installation places the configuration settings of the individual program into a private space only readable by that single application.