Uses and Users
of E Technology

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The E platform has been used to create a significant number of operational prototypes of computing systems. These systems include:

  • CapDesk capability secure desktop and secure distributed file manager

  • DarpaBrowser, a Web browser able to run capability confined applications from across the Web (caplets)

  • eChat, a peer-to-peer capability secure chat system

  • Financial instrument exchange, presented at Financial Cryptography 2000

  • Capsicomm, a Web server with distributed secure backend

  • a capability secure SQL DBMS

  • Sponster, a music distribution system using an elaboration of the Street Performer Protocol

In addition, E technology has been used to create one intranet application with extreme security requirement for a Fortune 500 company, which has entered pilot operations.

Combex has specific knowledge of four small companies and one Fortune 500 company using the E platform at this time. Because of the nature of the Web, we are aware that other E-based undertakings have been started around the world, though we know little else about them: occasionally surprising and interesting questions appear on the e-lang discussion list, posted by people of unknown origin, people who have presumably been listening to the discussions through redirecting mail lists that listen to elang itself.